Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I order?

A: Please send us an email with the details of the products you want to order. We will send you a detailed inquiry.

Q: Can we test?

A: Most of the products can be tested on demand

Q: How Do I know my size?

A: We can assist in sending a sizing table or we organize a fitting session at your location

Q: How much is the minimum order quantity for an order?

A: Depending on the product you can order from 3 pieces already.

Q: Do we need to worry about graphic design?

A: We have a complete graphic team to assist you in making designs, logo’s etc.

Q: Do we need to worry about the number of colors to use in a design?

A: The printing of our artworks is completely digital, the number of colors has no limits and no effect on the price.

Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: During low season about 6 weeks, high season about 8 weeks.

Q: What if I detect some confection problem with my product?

A: Please react asap by mail explaining the problem, we will look into it and search for a quick and satisfying solution.

Q: Can we also order casual and promotional wear?

A: We also create and develop custom made promowear such as  cotton T-shirts, polo’s , hoodies, softshells, bags etc..